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Artist  :

 Kingsley Peiris

Song   :

 Appachchi Mata Theluwata



G minor 6/8

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Gm   Gm    Cm   Gm

Gm   Eb    Cm   Gm

F     F     F     Gm

F     F     F     Gm


GmaPpC mt w#Uvt Fgt hrht

sNwkyt Ebmt @Z Fob@g qGmy`v

A aMm` Ebk#Nq`@gn Fa` qs`v

h#v` knEb@k`k` m@G Fy Gmr`m


Gmp`dM @p`w FarKvW b$ mwky Gmy`gNn

b#l@m@hvr @k`@wK krW Fb#h# mt Gm@n`k` iNn

Cm@qp` vNnM v# BbaPpC Gmsm`vNn

avsr @qnBbvq w`t F@gqN tGm@vl` yNn


GmaM@M @nN a#N Fm@g p#@R Gmq`gNn

a`qr@yN @W y` Fɵt s awGmg`Nn

CmaPpC g#n aM@M Bbep` @@vrGm@yN blNn

E a# Bb@yn r` Fm@g @M w Gmhq`gNn

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Chords from the collection of

 Dr. Dushan Alponsu

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Navindra Alponsu

Published on 10th of April 2004