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Artist  :

 Rookantha Gunathilaka

Song   :



  F major 4/4

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FgvhBb@L Fr# y mt C@vNnt n`FnM

FgvhBb@L Fvp#tv mt C@vNnt n`FnM

Bbm` @kwrM v`sn` vFNwq

Bbm` @kwrM sN@w~;Fq

FgvhBb@L wr#rzK mt C@vNnt n`FnM


Fa`y`@V ipn @J Bba@P rtt eNFn

Fs#@v`m bl`@gn BbiN@N sɋF ob enBbr# F@l`vt


FK n#@gn` Bbngr@y FnWwl Bbw@vFl`

F[ n#@gn` Bbp#Lp@W FnWwl Bbw@vFl`

C@p`DdK wNn Fr Ca@P r@T Fur`

FgvhBb@L FnWwLq s`Cmy n`FnM

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Music by :
Chords from the collection of

 Dr. Dushan Alponsu

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Navindra Alponsu

Published on 10th of April 2004